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Since 2007 Bas and Edwin have been working together on different applications of magnets, from a passion for the ‘magical’ operation of magnets.
Originally, they focused on magnetic tools for the climbing market. They developed 'kleefklimmen' (adhesive climbing): an innovative technique used by climbers to climb steel surfaces – like Spiderman. In 2014 they founded McNetiq B.V. to market the Controlock® magnet technology.

dr.ir. Bas Gravendeel

electrical engineer, physicist and magnet specialist.

Magnets have been fascinating me as long as I can remember. Permanent magnets are reliable. By applied force measurement we can now use them for much more purposes, which is wonderful.

Edwin van der Heide
marketer and entrepreneur in innovations.

A magnet is an inexhaustible source of power that does not require any energy. We should do a lot more with it!

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Cooperation partners

  • Ascent Safety BV
    license partner for tactical and fall protection market
  • Bilfinger Industrial Services
    industrial contractor
  • Mennens
    specialist in the field of steel wire ropes, hosting and lifting

  • Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland
    Government services for entrepreneurs, who have made available regulations and network
  • SAV Walker Hagou
    magnet producer

  • TNO
    independent research organization, involved in development of the technology and creation of the first prototypes
  • Yes!Delft