Safe anchoring with magnetic anchor points

With McNetiq Controlock® anchor points a scaffold can indeed be securely anchored: lean and mean, only where required. The result: savings of 40% on lead time and savings of 70% on material.

Contractor Bilfinger offered the Controlock® technology to Dow Chemical in July 2013. This produced considerable savings for the chemical company. For detailed information, please refer to the Case study scaffolding saving money with magnetic anchors by Dow →

Savings for scaffolding


Traditional scaffold

  • 2,100 m³
  • 20 tons of material
  • 20 tons of ballast


Scaffold with Controlock® technology 

  • 275 m³
  • 6 tons of material
  • no ballast


How does it work in practice?

Building a scaffold with magnetic anchor points will be explained step by step in this instruction video →

In collaboration with magnet producer SAV Walker Hagou a manual  has been produced for the use of magnetic scaffold anchor points.