Our vision

Replace all temporary welding with CONTROLOCK® magnet anchor.

Our mission

Using CONTROLOCK® technology to create the safest, most sustainable and cost-efficient temporary steel connection.

Our strategy

Apply the CONTROLOCK® technology internationally on a vast scale of new products to be developed, in different market segments, with distribution through a network of international nodes and agencies. 

Rotterdam Port Fund

In January 2018, McNetiq and Rotterdam Port Fund forged a cooperation and RPF took an interest in McNetiq. The Rotterdam Port Fund is an independent investment fund that wants to invest in companies with port-related activities that are innovative and have attractive market prospects. The fund is an initiative of the Port of Rotterdam, NIBC Bank, Innovationquarter, Koninklijke Doeksen and the Rotterdam entrepreneurs Peter Goedvolk and Luc Braams. For more information, see the website of Rotterdam Port Fund.

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