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Since 2007 McNetiq B.V. has been working on different applications of magnets. Based on this technique the CONTROLOCK® technologie has been developed an now patented. Using the CONTROLOCK® technology, the maximum load of the magnet can be determined with a certainty of 100 %. The CONTROLOCK® technology allows to guarantee 100 % safety with magnets in the constructions.

dr.ir. Bas Gravendeel


Tel: +316 43 00 57 86

Mail: bas@McNetiq.nl

Magnets have been fascinating me as long as I can remember. Permanent magnets are reliable. By applied force measurement we can now use them for much more purposes, which is wonderful.

Edwin van der Heide
marketing & Sales.

Tel: +316 53 22 78 38

Mail: edwin@McNetiq.nl

A magnet is an inexhaustible source of power that does not require any energy. We should do a lot more with it!

Willem van der Graaf

Executive Board.

Tel: +316 49 40 47 50

Mail: willem@Mcnetiq.nl

I never knew you could control magnets. A century-old technique modernly bundled into bold anchor points.

Any questions about McNetiq Controlock®? Please contact us using the contact form below, by calling us at 085-1302161 or by visiting us at Klinknagelstraat 2, 3089JP, Rotterdam.

Cooperation partners

  • Scaffolding Training Europe BV
    STE is the expertise center for safe operations at heights.

  • PortXL
    PortXL is a start-up acceleration program for port innovators located in the world's smartest maritime cluster.
  • iTanks
    iTanks is a knowledge and innovation platform for port-related industry.

  • Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland
    Government service provider for entrepreneurs and has made available schemes and network. 

    Rotterdam Port Fund  
    Rotterdam Port Fund is an independent investment fund that wants to invest in port-related companies that are innovative and have attractive market prospects.
  • SAV Walker Hagou
    producer of magnets

  • TNO
    independent research organization, involved in development of the technology and creating the first prototypes.

    Port of Rotterdam
    Port of Rotterdam provides for development, construction, management and operations of the Rotterdam port area. 

    Intellectueel Eigendom Experts EP&C helps to protect Intellectual Property with advice and patents.
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